Seagrass Flooring & Sisal Carpet

Grown from natural resources in China and Vietnam, Seagrass is fascinating to witness in all its glory. Manufactured by hand, Seagrass is first harvested, before being spun, dried and woven by those who have harvested it. This type of flooring is as natural as they come and provides a comforting, rich texture underfoot as well as being soft on the eye. Sourced from it’s natural habitat, Seagrass maintains integrity of structure through its lifetime as it is usually exposed to water and harsher conditions.

Seagrass is a specialist flooring that Carpet Craft are very proud to supply. Being expert fitters in the carpet and flooring trade, we are very knowledgeable when it comes to rare flooring and can help you determine which Seagrass flooring best suits your needs. As well as supplying Seagrass Rugs and Seagrass Carpets, Carpet Craft can supply and fit Sisal Flooring which is similar to that of Seagrass. With years of experience dealing with exotic carpets, Carpet Craft can give you all the advance and technical information you need regarding Sisal flooring and can provide you with a free quote over the phone.

If you live in Durham or anywhere in the Northeast region and you are interested in Seagrass Carpets or Sisal Flooring, please be sure to contact Carpet Craft today. We can discuss your specific requirements with you, and arrange a good time to visit you. When we arrive we can show you samples of both types of flooring, then his way you will be able to see how it looks in your home and get a great feel for the experience you will get when the flooring is combined with your walls and interior decor.

Both Sisal and Seagrass Flooring are strong, relatively robust and provide excellent resistance towards stains and spillages. Harvested from coastal environments in China, Seagrass has an almost waxy feel to it, and is far less absorbent than similar carpets which are woven by hand. This makes it ideal for use in the home where flooring can be subject to liquid spills on a regular basis. The weaves for Seagrass Flooring are typically ‘Basketweave’ or ‘Herringbone’, so with the choice of two weaves, we urge potential customers to ask us for a sample so we can find out which style best suits you and your home.

Sisal is a woven type of carpet which is extremely appealing to look at. With rich texture and natural appearance, Sisal Flooring is a popular choice among those who seek long-lasting carpets and Rugs for their home.